Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Health Care Priorities


I have heard that 65% of statistics are made up on the fly; but Bill Frist, Senator from Tennessee, said he thinks 1/3 of our health care spending is due to waste and fraud.  He goes on to say that the 3 major points of healthcare reform should be:

     1)  Get the uninsured into the system;
     2)  Lower the costs of healthcare; and
     3)  Eliminate fraud and waste.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Practical Dreaming

Sometimes financial planning conversations can go places one might not expect.  Take for example the following inspiring story of one business owner's dream to live in California.

I get an email asking if I would be willing to meet and discuss financial planning issues.  I replied by saying--"Don't you work with another CFP(r)?"  To which she replied--"I'm not working with her anymore and I have been working with another CFP(r) guy but they don't really do what you do." 

Anyway we agreed to meet and see where it goes.  Well in a little over an hour

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